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MEETING RECAP: Kevin Addington & Catherine Greenwell at Denizen on the Haycraft District

Did you miss the November 2019 YPN meeting? No need to stress. We have a quick recap of this meeting's minutes from 2020 Secretary Kyle Souleyrette and some snapshots from the event. Read on to see what you missed.

The November 2019 YPN meeting took place upstairs at Denizen, a trendy local boutique and event space owned by sisters and event florists, Catherine Greenwell and Olivia Guandique. The meeting kicked off at 12:05pm with greetings from our new YPN President, Teresa McMahan and lunch from Cafe Swope. Vice President Amanda Burnett led with announcements and introduced our speakers Kevin Addington and Catherine Greenwell.

The discussion began with background on Denizen from Catherine which led into Kevin speaking on the history and his part in the re-development of downtown Elizabethtown. He shared the progression of the development beginning with the United Way Building to Impellizzeri’s Pizza to the the Haycraft District building featuring Denizen and The Garage. The Mulberry Helm School is also a project underway; they are adding new luxury loft apartments to the old school. New restaurants are coming to downtown from Water's Edge Winery to a gourmet burger restaurant in the Newberry Building (in addition to luxe loft apartments).

Kevin and his partners' goal for their re-development effort is to improve the historic downtown area first and foremost. They have a love for Elizabethtown and seek to preserve the history and beauty of our downtown area. The impact that their development is obvious in the increased business and consumer interest. The neighborhood being named the Haycraft District was to pay homage to Mr. Haycraft which is depicted on the side of the building by a mural by local artist, Courtney Ballard. Kevin talked about the keeping rent prices reasonable because he’s heard of rent prices increasing just because there is development. If you have a business that you want to move or are considering launching downtown, he offered himself and the Heritage Council as resources in finding the perfect spot. There are so many options now with more development across the tracks in the Haycraft District. The stigma of the area is going away thanks to Habitat for Humanity and the reduction of flooding in the Haycraft District. Overall it is getting easier to recruit; new businesses are setting their sights on Elizabethtown. So many people are interested although are some are still waiting. 

Catherine answered questions and chimed back in on the new Denizen location in Nashville. It’s going fairly well, but Nashville isn’t home, it isn't ETown. The larger city has a very different market and demographic; their Nashville boutique is in a mix-use development. The sisters hope to develop relationships with customers in Nashville, so that it feels more like home. She called for us to be proactive and push our area forward because if we don’t do it, it won’t happen. On taking the risk to move the original Denizen location (previously located on Poplar just behind the square): Why take the risk to move “across the tracks?" For Denizen, there wasn’t much hesitation because the space was right. Their product are clientele were already established and they have seen nothing but growth since moving to the new location. 

“Why take the risk to move 'across the tracks?' For Denizen, there wasn’t much hesitation because the space was right. Their product are clientele were already established and they have seen nothing but growth since moving to the new location."

The meeting concluded with a tour of The Garage, an event space located in the Haycraft Building. The space can hold up to 500 guests. Decor is reminiscent of the original tenant, a local car dealership and garage and even features a vintage car set high as if it were being serviced in The Garage. The rafters are one of the most beautiful features; the dark stained wood with exposed ventilation really stands out. The original windows and smooth concrete floor have been restored to their original glory. The main event space rents for $1000 per day and the smaller space for $250 per day. The entire building has new plumbing and HVAC for comfortable events. In addition, the 2-acre lot provides ample parking for guests.


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Kyle Souleyrette

2020 YPN Secretary

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